Greene County Public Health Reinforces Commitment To Food Safety During National Food Safety Education Month

With the holidays lurking around the corner, Greene County Public Health supports and celebrates National Food Safety Education Month (NFSEM) throughout September by showcasing its commitment to food safety education.

“We are excited about participating in National Food Safety Education Month throughout September,” said Jeff Webb, Director of Environmental Health Services. “Food safety is, and always has been, a huge priority for us. We take food safety education and training very seriously because it ensures that we protect and educate not only our restaurant owners and their guests which results in compliance with state and federal laws, a lower risk of foodborne illnesses, returning guests, and sustained revenues, but also our Greene County families who gather in the kitchen to prepare healthy meals for their families.”

Our professional staff is dedicated to continuing food safety education of employees of Greene County food establishments through our ongoing food training program offered throughout the year. To view available classes and registration information, please go to In addition, the education continues online through our social media platforms with special messages about food safety throughout the month on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Greene County Public Health, Environmental Health Food Safety Program
The Environmental Sanitarians work with all permanent and temporary food services, groceries, and vending locations in Greene County regarding proper food preparation, handling, and storage. Inspection reports areavailable on our website at

Services Include:

  • Issuing a permanent and temporary food service permits
  • Review of building plans for new or renovated food operations
  • Regular and follow-up inspections to ensure compliance with proper preparation, handling, and storage techniques
  • Education programs for food operations personnel on measures to prevent foodborne disease
  • Investigation of all reports of potential food poisoning
  • Investigation of all reports of unsafe employee practices, cleanliness of operation, and food handling issues

For more information on Greene County Public Health, please call 937-374-5600, visit, and engage with us on social media.

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