High Seasonal Utility Bills? Check out these savings opportunities....

A fixed rate can help protect you long term!

When you receive your electric or natural gas supply from your utility or are with a supplier but out of contract, you are paying a variable rate that changes from month to month. Fixed rate offers sometimes cannot compete in the short term, depending upon market conditions and time of year. However, fixed rates can help customers budget properly and save money when it counts the most - when they are using the most!

If you are currently seeing low natural gas rates on your bills, that’s likely because demand is low, therefore rates have dropped. Most customers use natural gas for heating and see their bill increase because usage increases while the rate also increases in the winter months.

Similarly, you may have noticed your summer electric bills jump in price. This is because rates typically follow demand. While you are running your air conditioning and your usage is going up, so is your rate!

Although fixed prices can’t be guaranteed to beat the utilities’ rates every month, they continue to protect customers from costly seasonal swings.

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For more information, or to obtain a fixed quote for your business, simply visit # or email chamberenergy@ceateam.com.


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