Greene County Public Health EncouragesProper Disposal of Storm Generated Material

The recent storm in Greene County has caused significant damage to barns, homes and other structures as well as damage to trees, shrubs and other landscaping. All the storm generated material will eventually have to be disposed of and removed from the sites where the damage occurred. Greene County Public Health officials encourage residents to use the following methods to properly and legally dispose of all types of storm generated material:

Solid Waste Disposal
Trash, household goods and solid waste items from inside the home must be separated from the demolition debris and disposed of at a solid waste landfill, use of a roll off container or through regular trash collection.Demolition Debris DisposalAll scrap metal, aluminum, appliances and other demolition debris of this nature may be recycled through a metal scrap and recycling facility or disposed of at a licensed Construction & Demolition Debris Landfill.

Tree, Shrub, Landscaping Debris Disposal
All yard waste material (trees, branches, leaves, shrubs, etc.) may be taken to the Greene County Environmental Services drop off center on Greene Way Blvd in Xenia. In addition, there are other approved sites throughout the county for this type of debris. The Greene County Solid Waste District has links on the Environmental Services agency’s website with a list of ways and locations of local facilities where storm generated material can be recycled or disposed. The website is

For questions about disposal of debris, residents can contact the Health District’s Environmental Health Services at 937-374-5606 or toll free at 1-866-858-3588.

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